A bit of stress , inside your server

Every once in a while you would want to stress a VM or multiple VMs to test the working of for instance VMware DRS.

There are multiple tools available but most of them only focus on CPU and are usually not multi-threaded.

A cool tool which will load a multi-threaded CPU load and will generate memory load has been developed :


It’s a pretty simple utility to generate CPU and/or memory load within a virtual machine (or a physical server if you are still living in the dark ages). You can specify the number of threads to generate for CPU load and the approximate load each thread generates. You can also specify how much memory you want the application to consume. There’s a timer so you can configure it to only generate the specified load for a set period of time, and system memory utilization and system/per core CPU utilization indicators within the application.

Nota : For Linux/UNIX users, stress (http://weather.ou.edu/~apw/projects/stress) is a good program to stress-test CPU, RAM, or both.

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