Adopt the mind of an Assassin

Here I’m talking about Business Impact Analysis, but you can use this method to Risk, Projects, Crisis, …

1. Adopt the mind of an Assassin

When people begin thinking about potential crises that might rock their company, they thing primarily about crisis they have already experienced – or they’ve heard about in the news. Thinking beyond the boundaries of personal experience is more difficult. But that is where the real dangers often come from. You must adopt the role of an internal assassin.

Ask your executives to imagine themselves to be internal assassin or internal terrorists. That free them to suspend their rationality and moral codes and allows them to use their intimate knowledge of the company ‘s products, procedures, and systems to cook up ways to destroy it, either from the inside or the outside.

Some managers find helpful to create a list of ten worst things that could happen at work and what they could do about those situations. Use this simple tool to record your list.

Situation What could I/we do about it

In general, at the end of the brainstorming you have the correct picture or the Risks and the possible remediation .

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