Agreement and conditions

Be sure that we have basic agreement on some facts. I hope this is also your values because for me it is common sense:

1) Client respect, references

  • In a business relation respecting the client (safety ethic, privacy, transparency, contract … ) is my n°1 priority, but respecting people (safety, ethic, privacy, family, … ) including ourself should be our top priority too.
  • Using my references / CV requires my approval for each customer or new submission,
  • Ensure my references are not already communicated to the customer via another company,
  • My CV is available on, the website is my company’ blog.

2) Ethic

  • I try to avoid Military (even if I was 11 years in that sector), Pharma and Drugs companies for ethical reasons, financial sector is still ok for the moment,
  • I want to avoid competition between people I’m working for and I will respect my engagement of Non-competition, secrecy / confidentiality. So, don’t ask for slides, content and possible products from competitors. I segregate.

3) Rate, Transparency and subcontracting

  • The rate must be transparent between the final customer, you and myself, and
  • I will not accept more than one intermediate between me and the client,
  • My minimal rate is 820 € for long term missions and 920 € for missions < 6 month.

4) Mobility

  • I will not drive 6 hours for a job if I can have the same locally.
  • In case of a major Incident or a Crisis, you can count on me 24/7 (hackers don’t sleep).

5) Skills

  • I don’t speak Dutch (so be sure you don’t suggest me missions with that requirement),
  • I’m not a developer and no more a system or network admin (unless you accept my rate),
  • I’m an Infosec guy (CISO/DPO) specialised in:
    • Information and Cyber Security, including cloud technologies,
    • ICT Risk Management and Governance,
    • Incident and Crisis management, and
    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    • Data Privacy / GDPR
  • I’m not a Lawyer in GDPR

6) Availability and contact

  • I usually don’t reply to UK, France, Germany phone calls because I will need an assistant if I respond to all body-shoppers’ and head-hunters’ requests. Belgian and Luxembourg market is already well represented locally, so my priority is local economy.
  • Yes, I’m really busy because I focus my time on my customers or I’m with my family (including possible holidays)
  • Contact me by email, with transparency, humanity and I will reply as soon as possible.



Kinds regards