Android security best practices

After the announce of:

New vulnerabilities affect over 900 million Android devices, enable complete control of devices

Check Point recommends the following best practices to help keep Android devices safe from attacks:

  • Download and install the latest Android updates as soon as they become available
  • Understand the risks of rooting devices – either intentionally or from an attack
  • Avoid side-loading Android apps (.APK files) or downloading apps from third-party sources. Instead, download apps only from Google Play
  • Read permission requests when installing any apps carefully. Be wary of apps that ask for permissions that seem unusual or unnecessary, or use large amounts of data or battery life
  • Use known, trusted Wi-Fi networks or while traveling use only those that you can verify are provided by a trustworthy source
  • End users and enterprises should consider using mobile security solutions designed to detect suspicious behavior on a device, including malware that could be obfuscated within installed apps.


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