Because you need to know what is on your web server

Because there is too much data-leakage due to negligence, don’t be the next victim. Go on your web site and :

  • Check your obsolete or unused files
  • Check twice your robot.txt to tell Google and co. to limit their indexing.
$ find /path_to/htdocs/ -name '*.txt' -or -name '*.zip' -or -name '*.tar'-or -name '*.gz'-or -name -or -name '*.tgz'-or -name '*.doc'-or -name '*.xls' -or -name '*.mdb' -or -name '*.log' -or -name '*.xml' -or -name '*.conf' > /tmp/report.txt
$ more /tmp/report.txt
$ grep -i robot.txt /tmp/report.txt

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