Change Windows Admin via Ubuntu

This hack, is way too easy. Whatever your reason for changing any users password, this simple howto will surely satisfy that need. The only way to prevent this currently is with full disk encryption. Here is how you change windows password within Ubuntu. You can either use your livecd or hdd.

Install chntpw

sudo apt-get install chntpw

Now its installed, so lets get to work…
Ok I am assuming your using a hardy heron livecd or a Ubuntu Hardy Heron full install

You will now need to mount the windows partition read/write permission then navigate to %systemroot%/system32/config . Once your located in the config directory issue this command to change the password :

chntpw -u  administrator SAM

Prompt for password for ‘administrator’, if found (otherwise do nothing) use * to blank

Now reboot and login to windows

Optionally you can skip resetting the password and just install Ubuntu

PS : If you are not an Ubuntu nerd, you can have the easy way, like using Kon-boot

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