Disable Teredo when using IPv6 on Windows 7

Teredo is enabled by default on Windows Vista/7 (like IPv6) but is inactive until required.

1. Check status

You can verify if you are using the Teredo feature (in relation with IPv6).

You can use cmd prompt, and type the following commands:

ipconfig /all

And see if you have an IPV6 address that starts with “2001:”

You can use netsh (open a cmd prompt) and type the following commands:

netsh interface teredo show state


netsh int ipv6 show teredo

Should be ‘offline’, if not ( like state is ‘dormant’) that means your tunnel is possible.

2. Disable

Nota : this action requires “Administrators” privileges

netsh interface teredo set state disabled

3. Enable

To set it back to default again use:

netsh interface teredo set state default

4. More

Some old but detailed information: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/09/09/how-to-disable-tcpipv6-teredo-tunneling-in-vista/

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