Easy extend windows disk

A couple of weeks ago I was asking my buddies on Tweet what their favorite way of repartitioning disks were. You know making a partition (any partition whether it it be the C: or D: drive) larger – ideally with the fewest simplest steps. For some years I’ve been using QParted from the rather excellent Knoppix Live CD – and it still have some merits because it will more or less work with any guest operating system. But to be honest that’s becoming quite tenuous as most of my VMs actually run Windows.

Anyway, Eric Sloof (http://www.ntpro.nl/blog/) put me on to Dell Utility called extpart.exe available from here:


If you are using ESX4/vCenter you can increase the virtual disk whilst the VM is powered on (if your using vi3.5 you’ll you have to power it off) say from 4096 to 10096, thus adding an extra 6000MB to the virtual disk. Once you have downloaded and installed extpart to the VM you can use the command:

extpart c: 6000

To increase the size of the partition. Now all I have to do is make this one continuous process! Click a spinner to make a virtual disk big and as if by magic the partition is also the same size. Needless to say I’ve made extpart.exe a standard part of my VM builds…

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