EU Cookie Directive

1. Executive Summary

The deadline for compliance with the European Union’s “cookie” directive is upon us. And while much of Europe is trying to determine how to enact laws that conform to the directive, companies are scrambling to find ways to comply with the potential laws without detrimentally affecting the users’ web experience. So, where do we go from here?

The issue of cookies and how they are used to collect user information is a hot topic across many areas of digital marketing and e-commerce. One of the most actively discussed issues is the recent European Union cookie directive. Why?

First, the EU mandated May 26, 2011 as the deadline for compliance with their directive and, therefore, the issue is timely. Second, with 27 member states, it’s possible that European companies could have 27 different laws to follow. However, by taking a look at many of the facts around cookie tracking and the things we know about the EU cookie directive currently, performance marketers can be well positioned to do two things:

  • Identify any “red flags” that could indicate the need to make changes to their current performance marketing program for better alignment with global industry trends.
  • Increase confidence about ways to maintain program profitability while legislation occurs

2. Directive

3. EU “Cookies” Directive. Interactive guide to 25th May and what it means for you

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