HITBTC cryptocurrency exchange – affiliate access

HitBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013, offering high liquidity, low fees whilst keeping your account safe and secure. You can trade over 150 instruments and there are no limits on the depositing or withdrawal of digital assets.



To use a HitBTC affiliate code click on the green “Click To Start Trading” button above.

This will open a new window taking you to the HitBTC website and if you don’t already have an account then you will need to register.

You will then benefit the of the 0,1% Trading Execution Fee !



2. HitBTC Trading Fees

There are no fees for depositing funds however there is a minimal network fee for withdrawing funds depending on the digital asset e.g. there is a flat rate 0.00085฿ for withdrawing BTC.

HitBTC has relatively low trading fees, orders executed immediately will incur a 0.1% execution fee.


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