How to setup VPN to use the service is a great provider secure access.

Why a VPN ? Uhh , it is required when you want security on wireless network where you don’t control the encryption or the infrastructure. Here, I’m talking about hotel, conferences and seminars, Hacking convention.

Create an account on

Open you network-manager in ubuntu system tray and choose ‘VPN Connections’, Configure VPN …, than click Add.

Chose connection type as “PPTP” (default one)

Create a new VPN configuration, like this:

  • Connect automatically if you want (I did)
  • Gateway field enter:
  • Username and Password are per your Ipredator acount.

Then select ‘Advanced …’

At Security and Compression:

  • Check Use Point-to-point encryption (MPPE)
  • Select 128-bit (most secure)
  • I turned off EAP as one guide I read on VPN setup said to do so but I’m not sure it is necessary.

Then … a sexy and secure Wireless icon appears when you are connected.Check your IP with , welcome in Sweden.

How to setup VPN to use the service

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