Irish High Court expected to hand down standard contractual clauses decision Oct. 3

According to a news release from Europe Versus Facebook and a tweet from Austrian-based Lawyer Max Schrems, the Irish High Court is expected to hand down its judgment on a case that will determine the future of standard contractual clauses. “The Irish High Court has informed the parties today, that it [will] deliver the judgement regarding Facebook’s EU-US data transfers in the light of US surveillance laws (like FISA 702 and EO 12.333), as well as US surveillance programs disclosed by Edward Snowden (like ‘PRISM’ and ‘Upstream’) on October 3rd, 2017,” the release states. The court decision will either refer the case to the Court of Justice of the European Union or decide the case without a reference, something that Schrems has pushed for in the case.


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