Press Room – Information Security and Data Privacy – w1#0916

1. Facebook Photos Lead to Hacking of Facial Recognition System

According to Michigan State University’s biometrics researcher Anil Jain, face biometrics are quite easy to spoof in comparison to numerous other biometric modalities like irises and fingerprints. However, “3-D face models may visually look similar to the person’s face that is being spoofed, they may not be of sufficiently high quality to get authenticated by a state of the art face matcher,” says Jain.

2. FBI investigates whether Russia hacked New York Times reporters, US says

The FBI is investigating cyber intrusions targeting reporters of the New York Times and is looking into whether Russian intelligence agencies are responsible for the acts, a US official said Tuesday.

3. France, Germany push for greater access to encrypted content in wake of attacks

France and Germany said they want to compel operators of mobile messaging services to allow access to encrypted content to aid terrorism investigations, joining forces after a series of deadly attacks in both countries

4. GozNym Banking Trojan targeting German banks

GozNym’s Euro trip rolls on. Fresh from targeting banks in Poland, the banking Trojan has reportedly begun taking aim at banks in Germany.

5. The Microsoft ruling: Mending EU-US digital relations

Microsoft’s successful appeal against a US Department of Justice request to access emails stored on its foreign servers marks an important milestone for international consumer privacy and the tech community, writes Brian Stafford.

6. India investigating French submarine company data leak

India is investigating a massive data leak from French shipbuilder DCNS that affects a major submarine contract for its navy, defence officials say.

The leak of more than 22,000 pages exposes secrets about the combat capabilities of Scorpene-class vessels.

7. Russia’s Hacked Again; 27 million Accounts Stolen

A group comprising of just two hackers hacked Russia’s biggest internet company and stole a trove of data from forums hosted on the company’s server between July and August 2016.

The total data which is about 27 million accounts was stolen from three different gaming forums, precisely 12.8 million accounts were stolen from

8. Four Big Banks to Create a New Bitcoin Alternative

Four major world banks are set to announce the creation of a new blockchain-based digital currency, and are hoping to make it the global standard for settlements.

The plan for the originally-titled “utility settlement coin” comes from UBS, Deutsche Bank, Santander, and BNY Mellon. Broker ICAP is also joining them with the aim of convincing central banks to use the new currency starting in 2018.

9. How the NSA snooped on encrypted Internet traffic for a decade

In a revelation that shows how the National Security Agency was able to systematically spy on many Cisco Systems customers for the better part of a decade, researchers have uncovered an attack that remotely extracts decryption keys from the company’s now-decommissioned line of PIX firewalls.

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