Sample Mobile Device Employee Policy

The Mobile Device (iPad, iPhone, Android, …) is property of <COMPANY NAME> and may be “remote wiped” if contents/data are thought to be in jeopardy by Mobile Device being Lost or Stolen.

  • User is responsible of its device, both for its physical integrity and for the security of its content.
  • Device must be locked with a PIN code or a password. User will never share the device password or authentication pin.
  • User will not let the device unattended or unlocked in a public place
  • Unsuccessful consecutive login will wipe the device after 5 attempts.
  • Jailbreak devices or custom firmwares are not allowed.
  • Apps may be installed, but are the financial responsibility of the Employee. Apps installed should not be of a nature that an ordinary person would find to be objectionable if seen by others.
  • Games and personal Apps are allowed, but will be purchased by employee, and will not be used on <COMPANY NAME> property unless there is a business related purpose for using that App. Apps that are business related and serve a purpose to the coop, may be reimbursed to the employee, but need to be approved by immediate supervisor with the appropriate paperwork and forms to be completed by the employee and signed by the supervisor.
  • <COMPANY NAME> Mobile Device will be initially setup by IT with certain “necessary” software installed as deemed necessary.
  • A basic case will be provided to Employee with the Mobile Device for protection purposes. If Employee would like to purchase a different/better case, the original must be returned to <COMPANY NAME> for future use. Billing and ITunes account information may not be changed or altered without first notifying IT.
  • Internet browsing is allowed, but again, sites containing content deemed objectionable by an ordinary person, should not be visited at any time.
  • Contents and History of Mobile Device may be remotely uploaded to <Company Name> servers if need arises to update software or for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Employee is responsible for notifying IT if the Mobile Device is lost, stolen, damaged, or not functioning properly ASAP, contact info for notifying the <Service Desk> will be given along with Mobile Device.

Failure to adhere to these policies will result in the Mobile Device being returned to <COMPANY NAME> immediately, with any further disciplinary action to be taken at the discretion of the Employees’ supervisor.

I,______________________________ have read the above document and agree to abide by the policy set forth for <COMPANY NAME> Mobile Device usage.

Date: _____________________

Signature of Employee: _________________________________________


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