Siem and Windows Event Logs ID

Here is of the most useful events for Forensics/Incident response:

Event ID Description Log Name
4624 Successful Logon Security
4625 Failed Login Security
4776 Successful /Failed Account Authentication Security
4720 A user account was created Security
4732 A member was added to a

security-enabled local group

4728 A member was added to a security-enabled global group Security
7030 Service Creation Errors System
7045 Service Creation System



One of the useful information that Successful/Failed Logon event provide is how the user/process tried to logon  (Logon Type ) but Windows display this information as a number and here is a list of the logon type and their explanation

Logon Type Explanation
2 Logon via console
3 Network Logon, A user or computer logged on to this computer from the network.
4 Batch logon
5 Windows Service Logon
7 Credentials used to unlock screen
8 Network logon sending credentials (cleartext)
9 Different credentials used than logged on user
10 Remote interactive logon (RDP)
11 Cached credentials used to logon
12 Cached remote interactive
13 Cached unlock (Similar to logon type 7)



1. We can also add

Logon failure events

  • 0xC0000064 User name does not exist
  • 0xC000006A User name is correct but the password is wrong
  • 0xC0000234 User is currently locked out
  • 0xC0000072 Account is currently disabled
  • 0xC000006F User tried to logon outside his day of week or time of day restrictions
  • 0xC0000070 Workstation restriction
  • 0xC00000193 Account expiration
  • 0xC0000071 Expired password
  • 0xC0000133 Clocks between DC and other computer too far out of sync
  • 0xC0000224 User is required to change password at next logon
  • 0xC0000225 Evidently a bug in Windows and not a risk
  • 0xC000015b “The user has not been granted the requested logon”

Logon sessions

  • 4647 user initiated logon
  • 4800 Workstation Locked
  • 4801 Workstation unlocked
  • 4802 Screen saver loaded
  • 4803 Screen saver dismissed
  • 4778 RDP reconnected
  • 4779 RDP disconnected

User account changes

  • 4720 Created
  • 4722 Enabled
  • 4723 User changed own password
  • 4724 Privileged User changed this user’s password
  • 4725 Disabled
  • 4726 Deleted
  • 4738 Changed
  • 4740 Locked out
  • 4767 Unlocked
  • 4781 Name change

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