Team Password Manager

This post is there because I think this product responds to a lot of CISO demands. Idem for LastPass


Team Password Manager is an open-source solution, built from the beginning to be for sharing.

Pricing: You can give TPM a try by using the free version for two users. Licenses are a one-time fee, plus a yearly support fee if you want to re-up. Licenses start at $99 for five users, and run up to $2,999 for unlimited users.

Interoperability: On the server side, Team Password Manager requires Apache 2 and MySQL 5. The client-side can run in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera

Sharing: Passwords are assigned to “projects,” and any user with access to the project has access to the password/s within it.

Keys: Password and other login data (including email, username, and account) are encrypted with a unique key that’s generated at install, then salted and encrypted (with AES-256) in the database.

Other features: Password generator

Beyond passwords: You can also upload other kinds of files and bind them to passwords and projects within Team Password Manager.

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