TreeMap vs MsExcel, and ISO 27001

This post is the 3rd Part of the Treemap story:

  1. TreeMap and ISO 27001 (Treemap Software)
  2. TreeMap and ISO 27001 (GoogleAPI)

Treemap is a powerful tool but Microsoft Excel is one of the most common tool available on our desktop, so here is a small overview of what is possible to do (OpenOffice will do it too) with the same set of data (see file source )

Let’s fight.

1. Treemap

More here

2. Ms Excel

1) 1. Flat Sheet with colors

2) 2. Graph

Risks and color.

Risk vs Priority

For day-to-day work, don’t make a choice; the data is coming from you Excel. Just think twice when you format it.
If you have a huge amount of Sections to put on a One Slide Presentation, it will be more relevant with treemap.

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