What does Cyber Security mean?

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In order to reduce the cyber attack, Risk Assessments are required. As of today, the systems cannot be 100% secure. You can reduce the risk by reducing the vulnerabilities  as per the following equation :

Risk = Threat * Vulnerability

How do you reduce the Vulnerabilities from Hackers? By Authenticating the users,  Preventing Parameter Tampering, Preventing Session Hijacking, Providing Accurate secure configurations, exception handling, auditing and logging and protecting sensitive data.

Consider the figure below :

Cyber Security, Ashley Madison, Target

That summarizes as  careful implementation of secure features need to be implemented at :
  • Application Level
  • Data Level
  • Network Level
  • Policies Governance Level



OWASP Top 10 security threats, Security Checklists, Security Defense and Attacks, Security Testing etc.  

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