Why belgian datacenters will be looking for electricity where-ever it is available

PowerOutageIf someone has decided that some sabotage was in order to show that nuclear energy is not safe enough, or that we need more nuclear installations to safeguard our energy than that person has succeeded

Belgium is now in such a critical situation with the winter looming that there is a real possibility that not all of Belgium will have the necessary electricity all the time. It is possible that some villages and smaller cities can be cut off the electricity for several hours like in Japan. There are procedures for that but that makes it necessary for you to set up your own procedures if you are impacted

  • a communication policy towards your client,
  • a backup hosting of your webservices on another server (preferably in Brussels or Antwerp two cities that will be the last to be impacted)
  • a closedown policy for your applications and network and servers as a sudden closure could make you lose data or even corrupt applications

Some datacenters in Belgium are located in small villages and so if they didn’t install generators (which give you time to close down slowly your applications and sites) or didn’t have an electricity backup line in some more central critical line that won’t be impacted, they will have a problem (and if you take into account the time needed to look at the market, make a decision, have the product installed and configured you better start now instead of waiting a few months)

The other problem is that by cutting whole villages or small cities from electricity may cause pannick because it won’t be sure if the emergency services and so on will continue to work.



Source : http://belsec.skynetblogs.be/

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